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Magickal Fae Charms

About Our Company‚Äč

Charms We Provide 

About Our Shop

We are an online Shop That deals with magick workings! We have Charm key chains, charm necklaces, working on charm bracelets and much much more we have just started this business and are super excited to share it with all of you. At this time we are taking pre orders only sorry for the inconvenience. 


Can I personalize my order? 

yes you can choose which charm you want the color of glitter if you want a necklace, keychain, bracelet, & what size bottle.

What Is your Return Policy? 

our return policy is simple you have 3 days from receiving your order to make a formal refund request. 

formal request outline

  • Why you want refund?
  • Date when you received!
  • Name Of purchaser 
  • item purchased
  • order number 
  • you will need to ship item back at your own expense before getting a refund. 

How can I pay for my order?

By clicking ant of the buttons on this website 

What kind of payment method do have?

  • pay pal
  • payoneer
  • cashapp
  • venmo
  • coming soon zelle and square 

How long the shipping the process?

We say up to 14 days once shipped but normally sooner depending on where you are located.

When do I receive my order products?

Personalized orders take 3 weeks from purchase with in the first 48 hours you will be given you Shipping tracking number. 

Is it allowed to use credit card to purchase order?

At this time no but will be Getting a square. 

Why Choose Us

International shipping in the works!!!

domestic orders only in USA or Croatia

We are working to find the cheapest international flat rate shipping. 

Rapid Shipping

We have Fast trackable delivery service. Please not if ordering out of internationally deliveries maybe a little bit slower due to customs and pandemic lockdowns. 

Experienced Customer Service

We here at Magickal Fae Charms Value our customers and are here to help and make out customers happy